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Music All Day, All Night! • Live Music and DJs on Weekends! • Craft Cocktails, Great Food!

Julie Mesenburg and Gabriel Zeller created Indie to unite their mutual affection for independent music with their passion for great food and craft cocktails.  Indie is a lively and causal dining experience in the heart of Cleveland’s East 4th neighborhood of shops, restaurants, and entertainment venues.  The walls are a gallery of over 230 posters from concerts Gabe and Julie collected over the past two decades. Indie offers an eclectic southern-inspired menu complimented by array of music-themed cocktails.  Grunge Brunch is the place to be on Saturday afternoons, while Sunday brunch themes will range from 90s hip hop to classic rock. The posters, music, and creative menus make Indie a go-to destination for locals and visitors alike.

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